Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wagons Ho! Funky Junk or Bust!

As we were packing up the show last year I was already planning for the theme for 2018! I always try and choose a theme that represents history and especially local history. What better way to do that than utilizing the sources I have in my own life. My Great Grandma Selma Barker was a Western historic Artist in the Mid 20th Century. I knew that I wanted to use one of My great Grandmas' historic Paintings. Selma Calhoun Barker was an extraordinary Artist and was loved and respected for her talent! Our Local museum often has her work on Display and will have special exhibits once in awhile displaying to her work. She has a whole series she painted of the David Thompson Series and another of the Oregon Trail. Deciding on a Wagon train for our theme this year I'm so proud to present the one We chose for the poster this year! I wish so much that I would have had the chance to meet this Wonderful woman, but she passed away a few years before I was born. Ever since I was a little girl I have gotten to know her through the pictures she created, the paintings of the same world I live in but from her perspective. I am thrilled and honored to have her Beautiful Painting representing my show this year, two worlds colliding to create "Art" together. Add to that the incredible talent of my dear Friend & Graphics Designer Elle Susnis, who was able to painstakingly create the card and poster carefully by even pulling the blue from the lake to color the text! I was so grateful to be able to hand over the image of my Great Grandmas' Art and trust that she could care for it with such love! The girl is Amazing! I do hope you enjoy what has become my favorite card yet in 11years, and I hope you will join us for Funky Junk on September 1st & 2nd! It is only getting Better every year! Cheers, Jennifer.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lifetime member Sailor!

What I Love most about Our Funky Junk Show is the story behind the purchase. A long lost item that someone was searching for, an addition to a collection. The perfect necklace for a special girl and many more. My favorite Funky Junk story currently is of Sailor. Here she is before her mommy even knew she was a "she" at the labor day '09 show. Kelly Tucker (over 6 months pregnant at the time), my dear friend and inspiration in many things, purchased a pair of Carharts from Robyn Pirie of Scout's booth! Kelly is a down to earth gal and was determined that her child boy or girl would wear these next year! And so her she is a year later! They look perfect on Sailor! And Sailor has yet another FJ treasure to head home with, Her first bike purchased from my Buisness Partner Hollie! Thanks for the lifetime membership Sailor! We Love you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Junk Count Down #16 Miss Flour Sifter

And here we have miss flour sifter. She is a tool that many have forgotten. You may ask yourself "who needs to sift flour anymore anyway?". Well my dear friend, I bet there are many blue ribbons at the fair sitting proudly next to a beautiful chocolate cake, that would have never even been considered into the ranking if the light fluffy delight had not been created with such a practical tool. I love that the handle is turquoise, a little pretty added to make a task, such as sifting flour that much more enjoyable. I like to imagine that a young bride in the mid 1950's received this as a gift with excitement! Out-baking the ladies in the bridge club for years to come, and always being the envy at the fall bake sale. Baking cakes and treats for her boys' birthdays even when they were grown because "no one makes a cake like mom!".
Yes indeed, this gadget changed her life! Who knows it may just bring the same magic to yours! Find her waiting for you at The Funky Junk Antique Show!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Junk countdown #17 My friend Owl Napkin Holder

I Love finding stuff and giving it a new life. Take for example my friend here, Owl napkin holder. Imagine the many years he has spent on someones' dinning room table, a simple owl napkin holder was witness to many conversations, laughs, last minute school projects finished at 3 in the morning, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most likely many lingering long talks over coffee while the dishes wait to be washed. A night of card games, knowing who was going to win and who would loose. Broken hearts that couldn't sleep and Christmas mornings when little ones were up way too early! New faces coming and going, Babies being born and added to the table and older ones whose faces have become fond memories. He was a useful creature; always keeping a supply of needed paper necessities to clean up a spill, blow a nose, take a note or wipe a tear. Only to be packed up for the yard sale. Just like that no longer a member of a family, now an outcast. My heart breaks for Owl Napkin Holder, and then leaps with hope for this little fellow who was laying in the "quarter box" and at the end of the day becoming the "free box". I scoop him up with glee! I myself have no use for a napkin holder presently. I wish I did because he is beautiful. But somebody, somewhere is waiting for him. This someone either collects owls, or has a stack of loose napkins waiting for a home. Just like my friend here. Come find him at the Funky Junk Antique Show!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Under The Sun with our new son!

I Was Feeling the affects of being cooped up and Nathan knew what would kick my baby blues A trip to my "feel good place"! Story below pictures...

A view from upstairs.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this clock!

The Wood Family

Nathan and Glenn at our favorite table, surrounded by old windows.

Kendall, Kaylan, little Quinn & Robin

Glenn and his new friend Marley Mae, the new Under the Sun family member born April 13


Yummy Fiesta ware!

Kendall, Kaylan, Quinn, Shelly, Kynsie and baby Marley Mae!

Glenn's First Shopping experience had to be at Mommy's Favorite store!
Hello From My "Nest"! 5 weeks have gone by since Mr. Glenn Kelly Wood gave me life...
I have enjoyed getting to know my son, memorizing his sounds and moves. Each morning has been another adventure for the three of us, a whole new world! A beautiful world at that!
With that said, there has been not-so-good moments. Worrying all the time, crying at the drop of a hat like most new moms and of course the constant thought that I am not doing things right! So My dear husband said "enough of these walls today! We are packing Glenn up and heading north!"
What that means is that we are going to my "feel good place"!
That place is "Under the Sun", a very eclectic, whimsical, delicious shop and Organic bistro located in Bonners Ferry ID
Owned and operated by mom shelly Yount and three daughters, Kynsie, Kendall & Kaylan. Along with the help of long time FJ shopper Robin! Under the Sun is a treat for all the senses, you enter a beautiful European style shop that was once the local Hardware store (back in the day). In fact a lot remains from the original integrity of the building. Old gliding latter and all! as you enter you are welcomed with a smile from one of the many ladies running the shop at once. The Bistro has incredible organic food and coffee that leaves you wanting more. The coffee is Red Rooster, roasted by Shellys' husband, it too is organic and best of all locally made!
Whenever I am here I usually find some sort of treasure for my home, a unique card, a package of Red Rooster Coffee, always a perfect gift for a friend, and a full tummy!
Nathan enjoyed Chocolate Gelato and I had a "build yourself panini". I Love that you can eat in such a fun atmosphere and shop while you dine!
I left Under the Sun feeling renewed!
If you are attending the Labor day Funky Junk Show make some time in your weekend to take the quick half hour trip to bonners Ferry to treat yourself (but not on Sunday, they are closed and most likely will be found scooping up treasure at FJ!).
Here is a full article nicely done by Dave Gunter (you may know him as half our amazing Bridges Home duo playing sundays at FJ)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new home for the girls

At our local refuse station (fancy word for dump) we have a give away area, you never know what you may find there! I was thrilled the day I went in old blue and saw that this chicken coop had just been dropped off! With the help of a very nice fireman who happened to see me looking at it with yearning but no way to lift it, It ended up fitting nicely in the back of the truck. I am sorry to say the fireman suffered 3 bee stings from the nest still inside! We got rid of the hive promptly!

I will be getting my new chicks in the next couple weeks and I could not ask for a better little home for them! The back has a door that opens to the nests inside where I can easily gather eggs.

I love that it looks like an old barn, and I plan to put some extra touches here and there, maybe a weather vane if I can find a small enough one. And a "welcome" sign for the girls!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A warm welcome home

Back home after an amazing weekend! Even with little feet crammed into my ribcage I managed to get thru a wonderful weekend at! We saw all our old familiar smiling faces, and many new ones too!

I was welcomed back home by many other "friends". My friends of spring!

6 More weeks until another new life arrives, but until then I will enjoy all the other "new lives" emerging on the farm. The ducks are ready to get into the berry patch and do their work! just a few days ladies!

Good to be home, but boy was that a splendid weekend!