Tuesday, March 23, 2010


7 Months ago after my last Post I discovered that our Farm was going to get a lot more lively. Yes a baby is on the way! Our first one to be exact. Due May 25th. A Boy.

Autumn and winter were long for me this year since the pregnancy kept me down for most of it. But with Spring here I have been pushing myself to give into my instincts. Checking for my daffodils every day. Flipping thru the heirloom seed catalogs until the pages are falling out. Planning to order this years chicks a little earlier with such a mild winter. And of course collecting and salvaging all I can for the Spring Antique Show I Co-host with My wonderful Business Partner Hollie Eastman! Funky Junk Antique Show is more than a sale, it is true therapy. Shopping, selling, laughing, eating, and relaxing with people who share the same passions in life as me! Counting the days...

Baby is reminding me everyday that it is not long until he is here, joining our simple life and making it more splendid than we can ever dream. It is beyond words to say how much his father and I anticipate his arrival.

Spring is in the air. New growth, new gardens, new beginnings, new life.
Welcome spring, you dear dear friend...Welcome