Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lifetime member Sailor!

What I Love most about Our Funky Junk Show is the story behind the purchase. A long lost item that someone was searching for, an addition to a collection. The perfect necklace for a special girl and many more. My favorite Funky Junk story currently is of Sailor. Here she is before her mommy even knew she was a "she" at the labor day '09 show. Kelly Tucker (over 6 months pregnant at the time), my dear friend and inspiration in many things, purchased a pair of Carharts from Robyn Pirie of Scout's booth! Kelly is a down to earth gal and was determined that her child boy or girl would wear these next year! And so her she is a year later! They look perfect on Sailor! And Sailor has yet another FJ treasure to head home with, Her first bike purchased from my Buisness Partner Hollie! Thanks for the lifetime membership Sailor! We Love you!