Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new home for the girls

At our local refuse station (fancy word for dump) we have a give away area, you never know what you may find there! I was thrilled the day I went in old blue and saw that this chicken coop had just been dropped off! With the help of a very nice fireman who happened to see me looking at it with yearning but no way to lift it, It ended up fitting nicely in the back of the truck. I am sorry to say the fireman suffered 3 bee stings from the nest still inside! We got rid of the hive promptly!

I will be getting my new chicks in the next couple weeks and I could not ask for a better little home for them! The back has a door that opens to the nests inside where I can easily gather eggs.

I love that it looks like an old barn, and I plan to put some extra touches here and there, maybe a weather vane if I can find a small enough one. And a "welcome" sign for the girls!

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  1. Super cute! will make having chicks much easier and fancier ! Have fun raising chicks, I loved it!