Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wagons Ho! Funky Junk or Bust!

As we were packing up the show last year I was already planning for the theme for 2018! I always try and choose a theme that represents history and especially local history. What better way to do that than utilizing the sources I have in my own life. My Great Grandma Selma Barker was a Western historic Artist in the Mid 20th Century. I knew that I wanted to use one of My great Grandmas' historic Paintings. Selma Calhoun Barker was an extraordinary Artist and was loved and respected for her talent! Our Local museum often has her work on Display and will have special exhibits once in awhile displaying to her work. She has a whole series she painted of the David Thompson Series and another of the Oregon Trail. Deciding on a Wagon train for our theme this year I'm so proud to present the one We chose for the poster this year! I wish so much that I would have had the chance to meet this Wonderful woman, but she passed away a few years before I was born. Ever since I was a little girl I have gotten to know her through the pictures she created, the paintings of the same world I live in but from her perspective. I am thrilled and honored to have her Beautiful Painting representing my show this year, two worlds colliding to create "Art" together. Add to that the incredible talent of my dear Friend & Graphics Designer Elle Susnis, who was able to painstakingly create the card and poster carefully by even pulling the blue from the lake to color the text! I was so grateful to be able to hand over the image of my Great Grandmas' Art and trust that she could care for it with such love! The girl is Amazing! I do hope you enjoy what has become my favorite card yet in 11years, and I hope you will join us for Funky Junk on September 1st & 2nd! It is only getting Better every year! Cheers, Jennifer.

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